Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fuel Pump

To remove the fuel pump, located next to the distributor  removeand plug the two lines that come from the fuel pump.  One goes directly to the gas tank, so have a golf-tee handy to plug that one up.  There are the two nuts that hold that down (13mm) and pull the pump straight off.   Put all of this into a  bag labeled “Fuel Pump”.



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OK, let’s take off the distributer.  I have two vacuum hoses on my distributere, go ahead and remove those.


Remove the sparkplug wires from the distributer.  Then remove the other end from the spark plugs.

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It’s time to rebuild that old engine of yours.  Mine had been treated very poorly by the car’s previous owner, hence the oil, dirt, grime that you will see in the pictures.  The case was beyond repair, so I had to buy a replacement engine, which in the long run was cheaper.  OK, back on track, have a VW engine stand, and the engine mounted to it.  We are going to remove the fan shroud from the rest of the car.


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