Super Beetle

Let’s go to the rear of the car and look at these lights. Mine was hooked up incorrectly, according to many wiring diagrams, where the black and red wires should be switched. There is a Driver’s side assembly as well as a mirror image passenger side assembly.



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4. Install The Door Pillar Pieces

Now, cover the entire back side of one door panel piece with glue using the 2 inch paint brush and let it set for 15 minutes. Do the same on the body where this piece will go, 15 minutes.

Come back and have that heat gun / hair dryer ready. Take your driver and insert the heavy plastic over the sharp toothed clamps along the door pillar. When doing this, pull the headliner material away from it’s intended area, you will see how that plastic is inserted. Pull the piece as high as it will go also, so there is no gap at the top of the door pillar.

Okay, not gently tap those clamps shut with your helper holding the glued piece towards the middle of the cabin. Go from the top to the bottom, not moving the piece. Now tightly pull the liner towards to back window, allowing it to adhere to the body.

Fun, right? Now take the heat gun and apply heat to the piece a little at a time to adjust wrinkles. Use the gun to make tight forms and stretch that liner like taffy. Heat, stretch, heat again, stretch; you get my drift? Work small areas and try not to get the headliner material too hot.


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