Sheet Metal

In this segment, we are going to remove the sheet metal that keeps the bug cool.  One misnomer on this sheet metal is that is does not radiate heat, it ducts it.  The tin that came with the bug is more than suitable to do this, where if it were chrome trim, the engine would be prone to overheating.  You can feel the air push out the back of a properly running engine.  Each piece is critical to the cooling of the engine, so keep these handy.  These are all fastened by tin screws.  I am not going to run down the entire list of what needs to happen here, it should be fairly self explanatory.  Keep all of your parts in a bag labeled ”Sheet Metal”.

Generator Pedestal

Take off the four nuts that hold the generator stand onto the engine.  Remove it from the engine and the metal gasket from the hole.  That was easy…

Oil Cooler

The oil cooler is the last accessory we will remove here.  There are three 10mm nuts that hold that onto the engine.  Two of them are under the flange between the top and cylinders.  The other one is right on to.  Go ahead and remove the whole assembly.  There are also two gaskets between the cooler and the engine, remove these also and put this all into a bag labeled “oil cooler”.


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