Let’s go to the rear of the car and look at these lights. Mine was hooked up incorrectly, according to many wiring diagrams, where the black and red wires should be switched. There is a Driver’s side assembly as well as a mirror image passenger side assembly.



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Turning our attention to the top of the fenders, there are two more lights under the tear shaped canopy. As you can see on mine, the seals over that canopy failed, causing the turn signal platform to rust out, which was no good. Replace as necessary, Mexican is fine here. Those wires route in on the front harness like the headlights into fuse locations 1 & 2.



Light Fuse Position Wire Color Bulb
Driver’s side Turn Signal 1 Grey VHD-N17-710212V 25W SF
Passenger side Turn Signal 2 Grey / Black VHD-N17-710212V 25W SF
Driver’s side marker 1 Grey / Red VHD-N17-717212V 4W SF
Passenger side marker 2 Grey / Black VHD-N17-717212V 4W SF





The VW Beetle uses Halogen headlights with incandesant bulbs for the rest. Each light has either a separate wire or one that is joined at the connector. A good example of the latter is the triple connection resting on the driver’s side front wheel well under the hood. All of these connections are doubled up at the connectors to facilitate the twin brake switches located on the master cylinder. Let’s start by taking a look at the headlights:


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