Cylinder Heads

So, not that the accessories are off, we can work on the heads.  Start by sliding the large wire down the valve cover on each side of the engine.  Go ahead and take off the large wire also.  Now that the rocker arms are exposed, take a socket set and remove the two nuts (and washers) holding those on and put all of this into a bag labeled “right (or left) head”.  Pull the pushrods out of the tubes and make sure you keep them in the same order, so you can put  them into the proper cylinder   There are four pushrods per side, eight in all.

Now find hte eight nuts that hold on the cylinder head to the cylinders   Once loose, remove  the head and put those nuts into the proper bag.

Oil Pump and Screen

Now we can get at the oil pump.  This is located front and center on the engine and is covered by a thick plate.  Under the plate there are gaskets and gears.  Take the nuts off the plate, exposing the inside.  The gasket usually tears, so have another handy.  Take out the gears and then finally the pump itself.   This is pretty straightforward.  Put this all into a bag labeled “oil pump”.

Now looking under the engine, take off the drain plug plate.  There are six nuts holding this on, so remove those and take out that, the gasket, the oil screen, and the other gasket.  If you have holes in your screen, replace it.  Put this all into a bag labeled “oil screen”.

Splitting the Case

There are many nuts and bolts that hold the case halves together.  Still on the engine stand, locate all of these fasteners, including the ones around the oil pump and right in the middle-side of the case. Once located, remove all the hardware and put it into a bag labeled “case”.  Double then triple check to make sure you have them all, else you will damage the case.

Now take a soft blow mallet and lightly tap on the seams of the case.  Hammering it too hard will also damage the cae.  If it will not come apart in a few minutes, check again for unremoved nuts and bolts.  The case will work itself apart, really.  Once completed, flip the engine to the side on the stand and remove one half of the case.  Once completed, remove the crank and cam shafts.


Your on your way!


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