elec4Lets focus on the electrical system. The system consists of three wiring harnesses, a test connector (sometimes), the fusebox (with 2 relays), and the battery. Many folks seem skip this part, as I have seen many Beetles out there that I would name “Old Spark”. On these old cars, the wires get stiff and crack the insulation over time. Connectors rust out or detach from the wires easily, causing you to crimp new ones on. Good luck finding the micro size connectors, BTW. This requires some patience because you have a mess of wires that bunch up under the dash and into the fusebox. Let’s dive in…

1. Fusebox

The fusebox is mounted to the middle of the front foot well area, directly over the hump. You should be able to spot this easily. On the Super, there is a cowl that covers the fusebox, used to conceal the wires flowing into the top of the unit.

It is basically a plastic box that holds 12 8 AMP or 16 AMP fuses in the “front” (which face the engine) , with at least two male wire connectors on the top of each fuse and at least two more on the bottom of each fuse. Behind this, facing more downward, is an area that holds relays; 2 in my case. The fuses are numbered 1-12 going from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side. They are not labeled on the box itself, so some counting is required. Here are the positions, sizes, functions and wries attached to those fuses:

Fuse Position Fuse Size Function Wires Attached to the Top Wires Attached to the Bottom
1 8 Amp Driver’s Side Tail LightDriver’s Side Front Turn SignalDriver’s Side Marker

Driver’s Side Parking Light

License Plate Light

Grey / Red – Triple Connector Engine Compartment Driver’s SideGrey – Passenger’s Side Double Connector Trunk Front Grey – Light Switch (58)Grey – to Fuse #2
2 8 Amp Passenger’s Side Tail LightPassenger’s Side MarkerPassenger’s Side Front Turn Signal

Passenger’s Side Parking Light

Grey / Black – Double Connector Engine Bay Hood Grey – to Fuse #1
3 8 Amp Driver’s Side Low Beam Yellow – Driver’s Headlight Yellow – To Fuse #4
4 8 Amp Passenger’s Side Low Beam Yellow / Black – Passenger’s Headlight Yellow – Dimmer Relay (On Fusebox)
5 8 Amp Driver’s Side High Beam Blue / White – High Beam Warning Light (Speedo)White – Driver’s Headlight White – Dimmer Relay (On Fusebox)
6 8 Amp Passenger’s Side High Beam White / Black – Passenger’s Headlight White – To Fuse #5
8 8 Amp Emergency Flasher Red – Emergency Light Switch (30) Red (Larger)- Light Switch (30)Red – Buzzer (85)
9 16 Amp Dome Light Red – Dome Light (+) Red / White (Large) – Voltage Regulator (B+)Red – Ignition Switch (30) 
10 16 Amp Rear Window DefoggerFresh Air FanWindshield Wipers White – Rear Window Defogger Switch (+)Black – Fan Motor Switch (30)Black / Grey – Wiper Motor (53a)

Black / Grey – Wiper Switch (53a)

Black / Yellow – Ignition Switch (X)Black / Yellow – Light Switch (X)
11 8 Amp HornBrake Lights Black – Triple Connector Driver’s, Trunk Wheel Well Black – Ignition (15)
12 8 Amp Seat Belt Interlock (sometimes)Instrument LightsFuel Gauge

Turn Signals

Black – Gas Gauge Vibrator (Speedo)Black – Brake Warning Light (15)Green – Emergency Light Switch Black (Large) – Ignition Coil (15)


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